#Give first

Give first is the core value of Startup Weekend.

I try to apply this value in my daily life, convinced that, if everyone was doing so, we would be way happier. Collaborating is part of the essence of human being, and even if it is not easy, it is contributing to our happiness. During a Startup Weekend, I always feel that everyone is giving and trying. That’s why I would like to share with you my personal startup weekend experience. Try to give a little more. Each time I facilitate, I meet creative and fun people with lot’s of ideas to make this experience as fun and disruptive as possible. People that freely give. This blog aims to list these crazy ideas in order to go futher all together.

#Startup Weekend concept

As you might know, Startup Weekend is basically 54HRS to create your startup, just that. It has been designed to promote entrepreneurship all around the globe, starting with the idea that if you don’t act, you can’t create a thing. And if you don’t want  (for the moment)to create a startup and you are just looking for a place to get more confident, to meet caring people, to network and have fun, this is also the place to be !

For me, Startup Weekend is a confidence booster, a maker place with lots of positive energy. 54HRS is really too short, but it might be enough to help people change and become doers. In France, we often say that we are a country of assisted people. Teachers tell you what to do and what to learn, parents are way more interested by the future jobs of their children than the child himself,  you can have financials assistance for everything (which is great to create a startup), we have laws for everything … Startup Weekend is an opportunity to tell people to act and do.

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