Organizers – how to help them ?

Why would you help them beforehand ?

As a facilitator, your role is also to help the organizing team if needed ! The regional manager is surely there to support them, but you can also make the difference. Why ?

Startup Weekend is based on voluntary work
Even if some teams and cities are used to the exercice of organizing Startup Weekends now, there are still a lot of new people joining the community. You can help them to have a deep understanding of Startup Weekend and have a great onboarding (which follow with more commitment) !

The regional managers are taking care of small region, like the one called “Europe”
They daily work on improving the experience of Startup Weekend and are a support for facilitators like me and organizers, which is only 10 000 people around the world. Yeah, they have absolutely nothing to do. You can be a support, and maybe, be more available depending on your work and weekly calendar.

The barriers language can be a bitch .
Maybe it is not the same for you guys, but in France, we have trouble with foreign languages and even with english. Sorry. As a facilitator, you can use the national languages and slang words more easily. You can make sure that the team understood what is Startup Weekend.

The network is essential to succeed.
If you live in a region or a country, you might know more people and have connection.

Finally, it is always nice to follow a project
from scratch and then to be able to participate and facilitate it. You get more details, more connection, that’s just really cool !

What to do ? 

 Give Essential documents

Once the pairing is done, you plan a meeting and give them these essential links just bellow. They already got it, but, as you know, always repeat the key notion.

Screen Shot 2017-01-11 at 17.26.18.png

Do a first meeting

The objective is to make sure they understood what is Startup Weekend, that they read the documents you gave them because there is all they need in it, and finally, to know how they decided to organize their team.

Damien Gromier, community leader in Paris, has a nice tradition. He organises Mojito party ! 

Give the sponsoring and promotion document

The aim is to make them understand that they should really use Techstar documentation for their Startup Weekend.You gain time and you can create a better event.

Screen Shot 2017-01-13 at 19.49.33.png

Stay outside, do some checkpoint :

After that, you keep emailing, have meeting on skype/whatsapp or in real life if possible. I advise you to do the checklist with them and give them some advises on every point. You can also ask to have access to their documents, it might be easier for you to have an overview and create your deck.

Screen Shot 2017-01-11 at 15.32.33.png


Note : special attention should be given on food, an essential element of the weekend “A healthy mind in a healthy body!” Cf an example of the Startup Weekend Toulon which makes homemade hamburgers. At Startup  weekend-up, we eat all the time !

food2 food3

summary                                                                                                                    godeeper


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