Friday evening Opening – Ice Breakers !

tired.gifIt’s Friday evening and participants have just finished   their week. Usually, some would have a beer with friends, others would chill watching a soap or a good movie and some would go back to their family. Ready to rest and enjoy their weekend…


This weekend is special : they decided to participate to a Startup Weekend ! They are going to have fun, maybe test THE special idea they have been dreaming of for a few months now, meet new people and work. This involvement requires desire, motivation, and it is our job to give them this energy !


The opening is really important and must put them in a good mood. I highly recommend to start the event with an ice breaker,  before any talk. Remember, “no talk, all actions !” 

hum…But what is an ice breaker ?

An ice breaker is “a game or activity that is used to introduce people to each other so that they feel more relaxed together. An ice breaker can be a useful way to start a presentation or training session.” Cambridge dictionnary

As Nick Stevens reminds us, an ice breaker has a purpose and, before acting, you should wonder :

  1.  what is the “ice” that needs to be broken?
  2. what will the people be willing and only slightly uncomfortable to do?
  3.  what is the correct ice breaker to be the solution to this unique problem?

Friday opening ice breaker is a perfect moment to motivate people before the weekend and the pitch fire, to bring some happiness, relax everyone and make them live something different. Letting them breathing out of their confort zone with kindly people around them.

Startup weekend is about connection, human and its leitmotiv is #givefirst. You have to be able to create a climate of confidence. To do so, I highly recommend to do other ice breakers when the team is created !

Here are some ideas :

+ (12).png     + (13).png      + (14).png

Buddha Time                             Rock, Paper, Scissors                          Half Baked

+ (15).png      + (19).png

              1,2,3…                                           Ice Breaker Party, all at once !






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