Facilitator must have read

As a facilitator, you already know what it Startup Weekend because you participated and organized Startup Weekend events. However, your role will be different now. You have to bring inspiration not only to the participants but also to the organizing team. You are responsible for the Startup Weekend experience.To be sure to be ready , here are the fundamentals :

slides-2                          9

Udemy :fun, helps to go                                               Gitbook :  Explanation text about your
through the SW steps                                                   mission

4                          5

Slide deck is always updated                                    The pairing :   Allows you to become
Version francaise ici                                                      facilitator for a dedicated SW
11                         slides-1

Spreadsheet : Lots of links, advises,                    SW Manifesto :To understand globally SW
facebook group !

Use lots of #kerker and love in general, lots of cats (Damien Cavailles, french facilitator, could give us some advises on that concept)

summary                                                                                                          godeeper


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