Move it ! 1,2,3

Coordinate words and movement !

The aim : in a team, you need to collaborate, communicate and try to coordinate your actions and objectives so that your project have a chance of succeeding. During this ice breaker, you have to observe, listen and react the fastest as possible !

Basically, the idea is  to team up people by two, to make them count to three together, and progressively, the one becomes a clap, the two becomes a tap, the three a hello.

Bellow are the rules and slides, and here is a video from Adam Haun.

get-the-rules                Get the slides.png






Other version :

1,2,clap – game in circle

Form un big circle and began to count one after the other. When a participant get to the 3 or a multiples (6,9,12, …), he musts clap instead of saying the number outloud ! )

If the person makes a mistake, she loses and the game start over. As the circle gets smaller, the rythm must go quicker.


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